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Welcome to Prefocus Solutions.

Wouldn't you like to understand your marketing efforts? Do you know where your dollars are going and why? Every business is different and I'm tired of seeing one-size-fits-all solutions.. I developed PreFocus in order to bring originality back to branding and marketing. I'm passionate about helping my clients establish their brand identity prior to building purposeful campaigns. No matter what we do, we PreFocus on value propositions that will increase ROI and drive customer loyalty. #PreFocusWithUs Our StoryRequest a Call


We Focus on Your Value In Order to Create Loyal Customers.

We Serve

the following convoluted markets that benefit from differentiation.

Small Businesses

Rediscover your origin and focus on your culture and vision.

Personal Brands

Let’s strategize around your unique value and competencies.

Start Ups

Before generating awareness, let’s build an identity.

“My wife and I have a vision of a storefront in the growing community of Surprise, Arizona that caters to small businesses, professionals, and developing brands. We value family and are committed to creating a culture encompassing this. It’s our dream to establish a welcoming environment for brands to garner advice, formulate strategies, capture media, and promote their vision in West Phoenix.”       – Jordan Trask

Together, We Execute the Following

"PreFocusing on the front end streamlines execution and trust."

Brand Development

I walk clients though an extensive discovery process to uncover competencies and unique value so we can establish messaging.

Strategic Consulting

I offer an hourly or monthly retainer that allows us to discuss strategies and opportunities while I champion the standards of the brand.

Original Imagery

We offer a studio environment or on-location shooting that magnifies the brand’s characteristics & previews customer expectations.

Video Content

We create stories and execute live interview sessions that convey the authenticity of the brand. We also direct full service productions.

Inquire to Learn More About PreFocus.

whether you're a brand seeking guidance or an agency that could use some help.

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We're Always Looking for Agency Partners

We’re committed to helping agencies streamline their on-boarding process so they can maximize return and retain their clients. Moreover, we’re developing a web-app for original media requests that personalize presentation on all platforms.

Let's Integrate!

Current Client Testimonials

"Helping clients discover their identity and position themselves is what fuels me."

“Awesome work! Very detailed and takes everything very serious, easy to talk to and works with you at all time! When I first saw the work he did I was amazed because he was able to help me bring my vision of photography and video for my product to action! Jordan is your man for everything from consultation to in the field photography and social media posting!”

Cristian Romero

Founder, PulseBandz

“Jordan knows his stuff.”

Chuck F. Crouthamel III

Owner, Equity Remodeling, LLC

“Jordan at Prefocus is amazing.. He took the time to overlook my website and provided amazing content and customer service. I’ve seen improved site traffic ever since he optimized my site. Once again amazing work. Thank you!!”

Ed Lopez

Owner, Big3z Productions

“I’ve been working with Jordan for about 6 months while planning to re-brand my business towards a specific audience. He has done everything from marketing research and analysis to design and seo. I didn’t understand any of it until he made sure I was learning as we went along. This makes me a stronger business owner and I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Denisa Barbur

President, Arizona Senior Options

“Jordan has a natural talent for creating the wow factor. In the beginning I wasn’t sure about video marketing and helping my “brand within a brand” stand out. After spending a few hours with me, Jordan created several outstanding videos that helped me stand out among my peers and produced results I could not have achieved on my own. I am excited to continue working with Jordan and PreFocus in the years to come!”

Mark Hansen

Distributor, Advocare

Request Custom Propositions

"I prefer not to limit my experience and capability."


At PreFocus Solutions, we know every brand is different. If you need assistance with something a little more specific, let’s talk about it.

Schedule Consulting

I want you stand out. I walk you through every step in development so we can differentiate the brand and build recognition.


Project Management

My experience in SEO and content strategy gives me the unique ability to accept custom project proposals. But, only if we’re a good fit.


“I won’t always be able to help you achieve all of your immediate goals. I believe in refusing to chase revenue and advising businesses on what benefits them most. The relationships I’ve built allow me to find the best solution for you – at no cost.”

Thank you for visiting my page and best in success nonetheless!

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