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Welcome to Prefocus Solutions.

We provide creative solutions for businesses and professionals looking to enhance brand recognition. When it comes to promotional processes and delivery, we understand that purpose is essential. We help clients improve effectiveness through authentic brand development that increases company exposure and trust. By solidifying clarity through unique messaging we improve audience perception while generating user engagement and loyalty. PreFocus Solutions is committed to impacting a brand's identity crisis. Our ServicesRequest a Call


Building a Brand Identity That Enhances Perspective.

Brand Development

Discovering the competency of a company, expanding on value, and positioning the brand with visuals so that it’s expressed accordingly.

Brand Consulting

Assistance with social media, web development, print media, content marketing, and advertising on purposeful channels that max return.

Branded Imagery

Our imagery services are geared towards brand authenticity and value. We capture quality originality for events, head shots, and more!

Interview Videos

Our presentational style videos are purposed for interview sessions, company testimonials, & informative media – with or without a script.

We develop branded identities by using authentic content to improve perception & credibility.


It’s our mission to enhance brand clarity by developing a presentation that relays an authentic identity with audience understanding in mind. PreFocus also serves by educating business owners and professionals on the direct correlation of authenticity and consumer trust. By addressing the way brands are perceived, we’re confident in our ability to bridge the gap between brand development and the execution of a marketing strategy. Continue reading on our about page..

When entrepreneurs begin structuring their business, they tend to overlook the developmental aspect of relaying their message accurately.  Once they establish their brand, they immediately begin looking for a marketer to push their service or product. The marketer’s initiatives normally include a retainer for a certain number of publications or ads. They’re not necessarily concerned with improving the way a brand is perceived – as long as they can show success in some fashion, they know they’ll continue to receive monthly payments… Continue reading on our about page.

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“We are customers of PreFocus Solutions because they take the time to go over your business with you, doesn’t matter if it’s not included before you even get to work Jordan will dedicate his time to getting to know your business. It’s great 

Cristian Romero

Founder, PulseBandz

“Jordan knows his stuff.”

Chuck F. Crouthamel III

Owner, Equity Remodeling, LLC


Ensuring Consumers Can Trust Your Brand Online

Improving conversion rates can be a lot more simple than you think. Although sales tactics will always exists, it’s important that we all begin to understand what consumers are currently valuing online: Their ability to trust a brand during their buying process..

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The Benefits of Content Creation Services

The Benefits of Original Content Creation Developing unique content, no matter how you go about...
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How Brand Identity Defines Company Culture

Developing a brand is more than executing an agenda that heightens awareness. It’s about the culture you create and attract people to. Companies that have spent a majority of their time assessing “what’s in it for me” have more than likely experience loyalty heartache. Not only does this affect marketing return, but the people within the culture itself. 

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The Main Difference Between a Reach and Targeting Strategy

When you go fishing, do you cast a net into the water and wait for the fish to swim into it? Or do you use a certain rod and line with a specific lure? So, what type of fisherman have you been? Have you been patiently waiting for your volume-based efforts to convert or have you been able to make it home with dinner every night?

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How to Express Your Brand and Create A Visual Identity

Understanding how to present your company’s promise and value can be one of the most difficult aspects of brand development. Not only have you spent an extensive amount of time identifying the purpose behind your products and services, but also with your business model and processes. I recommend you don’t overthink this aspect and to use all of the information you now have organized to make a executive decision. Allow me to help you ice this cake..

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Why Script Writing is Essential to Video Production | Surprise, Arizona

Strategizing before producing a new company video not only expedites the process, but provides clarity for everyone involved. In this article, I discuss the important aspects of a production script and share an example from one of our recent videography strategies in Surprise, Arizona.

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Your Definitive Checklist for On-Page SEO.

When building service or landing pages for you professional website, don’t overthink your SEO strategy. When you try to cram too much into your pitch, it’s difficult to provide the value that consumers are searching for. Personalize your message with strategic on-page SEO.

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Before Paying Someone to Build Your Website

Building a website has recently become fairly easy. But the simplicity of the process has created a sense of organized chaos when it comes to promoting your brand effectively online. Instead of rushing the process and launching your site early, consider following these steps to ensure you’re converting visitors.

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What Does a Content Strategist do?

Writing blogs, creating videos, and developing ads are all essential to your business. In fact, there isn’t much else out there that consistently drives traffic to your website. The purpose behind a content strategy is to essentially tell a story that provides a valuable solution to your following. Without a purpose, your blog or social media post will continue to be used for it’s information – and not your services.

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My Pay Per Click Development Process

You’re at a crossroads. You’re trying to determine if you should invest in an advertising strategy now that you have some capital to work with. Before you begin to invest in an adspend, let’s take a look at a strategic approach to developing your PPC campaign. My pay per click development process focuses on formulating a plan around distinct user intent to ensure your click costs produce a solid return on investment.

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Brand Recognition

A sense of reality has hit you, and you’re beginning to realize the presentation of your company is lacking. This be a tough pill to swallow for some business owners. Addressing the way you’re perceived is a difficult process that requires extensive analysis and planning – but where do you begin?

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Understanding Your Marketing Mix.

Strategic Marketing Management specializes in presenting businesses with conceptual processes that aid them in reaching sustainability and brand recognition. Here, we dive into the realm of development in order to ensure money is spent wisely when promoting your product or service.

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Top 5 Reasons Realtors Should Invest in Property Interior Imagery

Capturing the interior of real estate listings is beginning to grow nation wide. Realtors are beginning to realize that showcasing properties accurately provides future home owners with clarity. Although it may seem like a lot of work or cost a lot of money – here are 5 reasons why it’s worth the investment.

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Monday Thought Starter on April 3, 2017

Happy Monday everybody, Jordan Trask here of PreFocus – and that’s exactly what I help you do, prefocus before spending any money on your brand.. Now, I wanted to start this week off right as I’ve taken a little bit of time off from my podcast. I’ve been meeting with some really insightful people that take branding to another level.

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Understanding a Creative Imagery Advertising Strategy

In a world where online marketing rules, we are constantly faced with finding more ways to attract and engage potential customers. Although there are plenty of ways to capture their attention, a simple strategy can go a long way. Instead of investing in volume or reach, it’s time to refocus on your brand. Taking the time to develop an ad with “zap” might be your best idea yet..

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