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Custom Logo Design

When it comes to branding your company, starting with your logo is a great idea. Not only does it cause you to think outside of the box, but it helps set the tone for everything that follows. Outside of creative design, we spend a majority of our time developing imagery that resonates with consumers. It's very important that you create an "ah-ha" moment when potential customer come across your brand for the first time. Return to BrandingAbout PreFocus

Convey an Original Message

Your logo design can be the first thing that potential customers see. We aim to build a presentation that resonates so it’s the only thing they need to see.

Keep it Simple, Silly.

A complex logo may seem intriguing but you want to ensure your design is presentable. A custom logo design that’s busy (detailed) is hard to decipher or understand as a small icon.

A Unique Design is Key

Too often, new companies invest in basic logos that are pulled off the internet. At PreFocus, we understand the power of individuality and guarantee a custom logo design that’s true to your brand.

Benefits of a Resonating Logo.

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Our Custom Logo Development Process

Step 1: Getting to Know you.

Schedule a discovery call to learn about your brand and everything behind it. Ownership, values, customers, and features.

Step 2: Icon Selection

Our process begins with submitting 10 relevant icons for you to sift through. We remove the images that you dislike and refill the remaining spots up to 5 times. Our objective here is to identify a symbol that represents your brand best – no excuses.

Step 3: Typography Determination

Selecting the right typography is a lot harder than most people think. The way font is presented can make a big difference in the way potential customers read into your brand. Determine the voice you want to relay and we’ll allocate the best typography.

Step 4: Revising Your Logo

Once we’ve completed the initial steps, you’ll receive 3 variations of drawn designs. Once we’ve selected a favorite, we begin to design your logo based on your preferred color scheme – or our suggestion.

Step 5: Deliver Finished Logo

The completed logo consists of a single icon and type (horizontal and vertical), as well as sizings for social media channels.

PreFocus Custom Logo Designs

Browse all of our processed logos for sale or currently in use:

Danielle Jacqueline Photography

Client wanted a camera logo different than other photographers. She also wanted to incorporate her company letters “DJP”.


Colorful Mascara Cosmetics

The client wanted something simple but with shaded letters to simulate eye shadow. She also wanted to include an “eye”.


Strategic Marketing Management

This was difficult, but ended up utilizing a compass to showcase “direction.” We used marker typography to simulate a whiteboard.