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Brand Story and Interview Videographer

When it comes to marketing your brand, consider the power of original content. Although script writing for product and service videos is our jam, we aim to present the purposeful story behind your brand. With a PreFocus on authenticity, we strategically present questions and answers that are valuable to your target audience by uncovering your true value. Not only does this create clarity, but it garners trust and loyalty for your business.

Authentic Focus

The purpose behind our videos is to showcase your origin story and how you’re able to differentiate yourself from competition.

Natural Placement

By using authentic settings, we convey a comfortable environment that magnifies credibility and showcases the company’s aura.

Company Insight

Aside from promoting the needs you serve, we also help you clarify your business model and processes in order to convey uniqueness.

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Video Examples of Some of Our Clients

Here's a brief look at a few of my client's original brand stories.


The Benefits of Interview Production

Producing video content is becoming one of the more popular promotional mediums, especially online. The problem is, way too many video strategies focus on statements and sales pitches instead of qualitative value. As the media landscape continues to evolve and become more competitive, we believe it’s important to stand out as much as possible – and most importantly, be memorable.

While many brands believe in exotic graphics and digital effects, we know this type of productions isn’t always affordable. Instead of dumping your entire marketing budget into a creative video that might work, we want to help you personalize a presentation with stories that have shaped your brand and other interview videography services. Here are some of the benefits of investing in this type of production strategy for your business.


Consumer Insight.

Not only does an interview setting create vulnerability that the audience can feel, it gives them general answers to questions they seek about the company they’re considering doing business with. Moreover, we help you answer the tough questions you most likely would avoid in other forms of media.


Company Introductions.

Developing a branded story with company stakeholders (or those in forward facing positions) introduces potential customers to the people behind the brand. When people are able to get a better feel for ownership, they tend to view them as more personal and easier to approach. This gives your target audience someone to believe in or trust before making a purchase decision.


Address Misconceptions.

In most cases, this style of videography provides additional clarity for those still unsure of what type of value you can provide them with. Aside from answering questions without having to contact someone, consumers see that you’re paying attention to their needs and want to be as transparent as possible. Again, this helps build trust and loyalty.



Hiring an interview videographer is far cheaper than a typical production project. Answering legitimate questions in one setting allows companies to avoid detailed script writing, casting calls, additional equipment, and extensive video editing process. We simply charge you for the filming session and cut up the answers you feel are best suited for your brand voice.

View a Few More Branded Videos

Check out some of our Arizona partnership productions.

Need a Script or Production Assistance?

Although we enjoy focusing on interview production and videography, we also have the capability to help you create a unique video that attracts user engagement. Our script writing process has been highlighted in a recent blog, but we’d love to hear more about your unique project.