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Looking for a way to enhance your presentation by communicating value? My wife and I are committed to helping our clients create an authentic perspective that attracts customers. We capture imagery that aligns with your brand identity and help you position final edits on your website, social media and other channels.

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My wife and I capture images that convey the essence of your brand in order to create positive first impressions. In addition to photo shoots, I help you determine imagery guidelines – or the editing style that best conveys the voice of your brand. Every picture should have it’s purpose and I help you position each photo on channels that resonate accordingly.
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Promo Photos

Meaningful imagery with purpose.

Product Exposure

Capture features with fine detail.

Creative Imagery

Telling stories for blogs or social.

Interior Photos

Showcase your facilities & processes.

Company Exposure

Highlight your people & culture.

Events & PR

Engage with events and announcements.

Some of Our Branded Photography

Below is some of the purposeful imagery we've captured and delivered.

PreFocus Imagery is Optimized for Every Channel.

Whether you’re marketing content on social media, content compilations, or advertising channels, the sizing of your images matters. If you follow the dimensions of each platform, your presentation is more viewable at a higher quality resolution.

Benefits of a Purposeful Branding Photographer

imagery-of-a-business-owner-on-a-2016-harley-davidson-dyna-switchback-in-west-phoenix-surprise-arizonaThey way you present yourself plays a big role in conversion rates and the recognition of your brand. At PreFocus, we’ve discovered that a solid sales or marketing strategy isn’t always enough to increase your revenue. As competition continues to increase (especially online), consumers tend to value a brand they can trust.

Whether you believe it or not, your content imagery plays a vital role in your credibility. Developing unique photos with proper branding helps you stand out amongst the crowd. Instead of investing capital into stock photos or general designs, allow us to help you promote the individuality of your company so you can begin to engage a following that believes in the content you promote.

We offer custom packages that highlight any given product or service. Our purposeful approach considers what your audience desires. We’re dedicated to producing quality images that resonate with your audience’s current situation to clearly show them the value you provide.

Personal or Family Photography Services

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your family or other personal initiatives, feel free to visit our sister company’s website.