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Contacting PreFocus Solutions.

We understand that every brand is different. We help our clients harness their differences and establish an identity so they can stand out in their industry. When contacting PreFocus Solutions, don’t worry about being placed in a sales funnel that spams you. Jordan takes the time to get to know your brand in order to determine if both parties are a good fit. No matter what areas you’re struggling in, we want to help you find an affordable and purposeful solution. If we don’t see a beneficial fit, the local relationships we’ve built allow us to help you allocate a valuable solution that suits your needs.

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We are a branding entity located in Surprise, Arizona. We create content and media based on the value and competencies of our clients. Our value lies in our commitment to brand identity, clarity and recognition. We focus on the why, who, and how behind origin stories in order to develop a strategy and aura for our clients. We love learning about companies and their customers so we can help improve the way businesses are perceived and believed.

Address: 16144 W. Clinton St.
Surprise, Arizona 85379.

Phone: 1.317.918.1360

Business Hours: 8a-6p M-F, 10a-5p S

how-to-express-your-brand-and-create-a-visual-identity-with-prefocus-solutions-and-our-logo-designing-servicesReasons why it’s hard for some brands to invest in a marketer.

Marketing Budgets

Monthly retainers and guarantees can be misleading – But, we don’t require an immense budget.

Agency Relationships

Some agencies are only focused on deliverables and ROI in order to service a number of clients.

Industry Skepticism.

Bad experiences can alter a perception. To me, the marketing industry tends to lack purpose at times.