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Creative Strategic Consultant & Brand Advisor

In an age where brand positioning can be overwhelming, I've create an opportunity to hire an extension of you! Not only am I committed to saving my clients time and money, but I'm passionate about helping them present their brand so it's perceived and received as valuable. I came from the agency realm and understand how marketing without purpose can backfire quickly. A majority of brands assume where to spend their capital. but I believe that every company and it's customers are different. For this reason, I think it's imperative that you structure your message in order to convey clarity as a leader in your space. I'd love to help you organize competencies so you can market with consistency while garnering recognition for your value.

My Consulting Service Focuses On:


Your Value

What you do best and why you’re unique.


Your Customers

Who’s interested in your solutions & why.


Your Placement

Where to position your brand for success.


Your Return

What platforms garner the best return.

Meet Jordan Trask

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Determine where you’re heading as a brand by identifying your purpose, competency and corresponding promises to your customers.


Receive creative and strategic insight on ways to heighten the recognition of your brand through messaging. imagery, and blogging.


I help you focus on purposeful social content and advertising that resonates well while staying true to the unique value you provide.


My experience in on and off-site SEO allows me to advise you on a strategy that’s focused on opportunity and an effective team.


I help determine where to invest adspend in order to drive the best ROI. Whether it’s through print media, social, or search, or retargeting.


My passion helps me build strategically creative campaigns to implement across all channels in order to resonate with ideal audiences.

Why a Strategic Creative Consultant or Brand Advisor is Worthwhile.

After being immersed in the agency realm for a few years, I realized there was a huge disconnect between clients and their respective marketers. In order to address this epidemic, I knew brands needed to enhance their overall message while creating purpose before shoveling money into marketing campaigns.

I first developed a content development option that focused on presentation through copywriting and imagery – but soon realized that a strategy goes far deeper. In order to execute objectives for struggling businesses, I became committed to the branding aspect of business development. By helping clients establish their identity, value, and corresponding presentation, I’m now able to help guide them through their marketing endeavors to ensure they’re not wasting capital on marketing initiatives that don’t make sense.

Here are Some of the Benefits

of my Strategic Creative Consultation Services.
  • Discontinue paying a random “social media marketer” to promote random publications that lack a return.
  • Eliminate research and strategy fees when building a website if you’re not sure how to advise developers.
  • Avoid constantly changing marketing agencies because results aren’t as satisfactory as you’d like.
  • Seek the guidance of a knowledgeable expert that’s had success with different channels and platforms.
  • Receive advice on ideas that come about during the business day to see if they’re worth investing in.
  • Gain access to someone who’s constructive and just as passionate about your success as you are.
  • Run your business with confidence and know you’re success isn’t hinged on someone who sold you.
  • Save money on the front end with an affordable brand advisor that eliminates stresses of the unknown.

Still Unsure If We're a Good Fit?

I understand that there are plenty of creative strategic consultants vying for your attention. Past experiences, misleading information, and lack of marketing knowledge may still have you in limbo. If you’re still leery on scheduling a FREE initial consultation with me, feel free to listen to some of my podcast recordings that surround the above topics. Best in success nonetheless!