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PreFocus Free Hand Drawing Service.

In addition to the array of services that PreFocus provides, Jordan wanted to highlight his creative mentality by offering himself as a local sketch artist for hire. Immersing himself in a process that highlights one of his passions has been a long time coming. Services PageAbout PreFocus

Pencil Sketching

Hand drawn shading and detail formulated with a series of sketching pencils.



This type of artwork offers a different element of shading that heightens edges.


Colored Pastel

If a pencil sketch isn’t your thing, we also offer colorful pastels with cartoon-like outcomes.



Scattered dots, or stippling, creates amazing pieces of art large or small.

More About our Custom Artwork:

Although our main element surrounds pencil sketching for hire, we also have the ability to perform an array of artistic approaches. With almost 2 decades of scholastic arts and design experience, Jordan Trask is more than capable to creating a satisfactory piece of art for your collection. Custom drawing not only serves personal endeavors, but also aligns with our vision of improving brand presentation through purposeful imagery. Feel free to inquire about the form of art that’s on your mind and we’ll see if we draw something up for you – worst case scenario, we’ll refer you to a capable professional within our extensive Phoenix artistic community.

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Free Hand Sketching Portfolio

Below is some of the featured artwork of PreFocus President, Jordan Trask. In 2004, he received the Senior Art Medallion as well as several other Silver Keys throughout his high school career. He's been immersed in strategic marketing for almost a decade and is now reinventing his sketching capabilities. Consider a sketch artist for hire next time you're developing new content. Enjoy!

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A professional sketch artist for hire may not be your thing. We’d love to help you with other initiatives if you’d like to schedule a call.

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